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Compassion Through Literature 

A multipronged, communitywide project about You, Me, and Us to increase understanding and inclusion among our neighbors by discussing and sharing literature. 

Walking in Our Shoes

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A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project
A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project

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a group of young co-workers from diverse backgrounds
a group of young co-workers from diverse backgrounds

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A Hispanic couple embracing
A Hispanic couple embracing

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A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project
A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project

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We are in a golden age of literature, where everyone in our community can find "windows, mirrors, and sliding-glass doors" (Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop) into their lives and the lives of others. Reading about the experiences of others, or even seeing our own experiences reflecting back to us in the pages of a book, builds understanding and empathy. 


Positive Charge! PDX is very excited about Amplifying Kindness through literature.

Let's celebrate the fascinating lives of our families, friends, and members of our community,  a world of different ages, religions, sexual orientation, gender identities, family structures, cultures, nationalities, financial statuses, physical and mental challenges, etc.

Children in Library

This is an all-age, family-friendly project, focused on a READ - SHARE - GIFT - BUILD approach to enriching our lives through the magnificent and diverse strengths that make us whole. Please take a look at each of the project highlights below.


Compassion Through Literature


Family Reading Comic Book

Read or listen to books about people who are different from you, and experience life differently than you have.  Read them alone, with your family, or create a book group and read them together! Take a look at the "Community Connections" section below for links and recommendations to help you get started.



a book club with diverse individuals

Share what you’ve learned from the books you've read with others by way of conversation, social media posts, or by creating a book group. By discussing the challenges, struggles, accomplishments, and contributions we read about, we further cultivate kindness and understanding.  

Children putting books into a Little Library kiosk


Gift your favorite books to the Children’s Book Bank and to Little Free Libraries around town so others can have the experience of "windows, mirrors, and sliding-glass doors" through literature. 

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Build your own little library to install in your yard, someone else’s, or in a public place (permission required). 


Fill it with books celebrating all walks of life to increase understanding of, and empathy for, others. 


You can even include an envelope or shelf for providing handmade Kindness Bookmarks that people can take with the books. 


Post a picture of your little library and bookmarks on our Positive Charge! PDX Facebook and Instagram pages so we can all see what you've created!

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04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (2).jpg
04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (9).jpg

Timber Joey Library Celebration at Hayhurst Elementary & Robert Gray Middle Schools –
Wed., May 4, 2022

Timber Joey, Portland Timber's mascot, Michelle Lewis and Charles Hannah of Third Eye Bookstore, the Children's Book Bank, Robert Gray Middle School PTA, and Positive Charge! PDX celebrate the opening of new Compassion Through Literature little libraries that he custom built & painted for the community, focusing on diversity, compassion, and literacy. Thanks to Positive Charge! PDX, these libraries were donated specifically for neighborhoods that feed to Robert Gray Middle School! 

04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (11)_edited.jpg
04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (7).jpg

Community Connections . . .

Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 7:00 pm
Mary-Catherine McElroy, Elementary School Librarian

​Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors*: the importance of seeing ourselves and others in literature (*phrase from Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop)  Bonus: Book recommendations included!

(Missed the live event? Click here to view the recording!)

Links for Diverse Book Ideas . . .


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