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A group of teenage volunteers show off their handmade items to be donated to one of our partners

Terms, Conditions and Photo Release

Positive Charge! PDX ("Organization") activities (“Organization Activities”) are activities organized, arranged, or scheduled by any Organization member. I understand there may be risks and hazards (“Risks”) associated with Organization Activities, and I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to evaluate these Risks to determine whether I should participate, including travel to/from the location of Organization Activities.


Despite acknowledging there may be Risks, I hereby agree to participate in Organization Activities as a leader and/or a participant. I acknowledge that this participation is wholly voluntary and assume all liability for any loss or injury of any kind to myself that may arise in connection with any and all aspects of Organization Activities. I also hereby release and hold harmless the Organization, its organizers, staff, board members, and volunteers, and agree to indemnify them for any and all claims, costs, suits, actions, judgments, and expenses, for any damage, loss, or injury to myself or my property (including all property of others in my possession) arising out of my participation in Organization Activities. I understand that this includes/covers any and all Risks known and unknown associated with potential exposure to COVID-19 connected in any way with my participation in Organization Activities.


I understand that as part of my participation in Organization Activities, photos, videos, electronic images, audio recordings, other likenesses, and quotations of myself may be taken for use in publications and reports about the Organization, including for promotional advertising purposes. I grant the Organization the unrestricted right to use such materials and to use without pay. The Organization Activities involving specific nonprofit organizations may also require an additional, separate waiver for involvement in the activity and photo release.

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