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About Us

Amplifying Kindness at Every Turn

It’s not difficult to see the needs in our community. Natural disasters. Houselessness. Pandemics. Food insecurity. It can be overwhelming. It takes a community to heal a community. That’s exactly what Positive Charge! PDX is all about. Together, we all make a difference, neighbor helping neighbor.

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Our Story

Positive Charge! PDX was founded in November 2016 as a response to the consistent negativity online and in the press, as well as to the sadness and fear that produced. Instead of wishing for better times or focusing on what wasn’t working, volunteers decided to jump in and make a difference where it was needed the most. That meant tackling the issue of homelessness, helping children struggling with cancer or assisting victims of natural disasters here in our state. We wanted to create a better situation for others while getting a positive, healing charge for ourselves at the same time.


Positive Charge! PDX is politically and religiously neutral with an exclusive focus on each of our projects through a humanitarian lens. We are 100% volunteer-supported with no paid staff and welcome volunteers all of ages, genders, and family structures. Our focus is helping those who need it in all corners of our community, both near and far, sometimes by partnering with other organizations. We strive to amplify kindness for everyone—including our volunteers, our partners, and those receiving our help.

Our Formula

Here's how we amplify kindness throughout the community.


Our ahhhmazing volunteers help their community in countless ways every single week.

In Their Words (part 2)
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