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Amplifying Kindness. Making a Difference.

Welcome to Positive Charge! PDX

A group of volunteers cooking meals for donation to one of our many partners

Kindness has generative power. When you go out of your way to lighten the load or carry the burden of another, you get a positive charge . . . and that's where we come in!


We are Positive Charge! PDX, a 501(c)(3) non-profit group open to everyone. We create easy, meaningful ways for people to help their community here in Portland, across the state, and sometimes across borders. When that happens, kindness isn’t just expressed. It’s AMPLIFIED!


for you to send and receive a "positive charge"!

Two Can Tuesday Drivers & Donors Needed

in SW Portland


Relieving Period Poverty Project

 Collecting menstrual supplies (May 11-31) and hosting a "packaging" party . . . in an effort to mitigate Period Poverty, a growing public health crisis

Sun., June 2; 2-4 pm 

Positive Charge! PDX Overview
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We Do

Through the years, we've become so much to so many people. Our events touch lives, not only of those whom we serve, but of those who give so generously of their time and energy.

Our core mission is built
around three core principles

Do Good Deeds

We give time, we facilitate collections, we create art for causes and we respond to immediate humanitarian needs through Emergency Kindness Events.

Share Good

Through our Facebook page, we share good news happening in our city, as well as throughout the world, wherever it occurs.


Through solo programming and amplifying the efforts of other community organizations, we create relationships between individuals and groups.

Our Amazing

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Hear them tell you what Positive Charge! PDX brings to their lives as they fill the needs of friends and neighbors in our community.