Everybody has a story. This is an opportunity for you to hear ours. The best way we can tell you who we are is to hear what others say about what we do. As the articles, TV stories and audio interviews will show, Positive Charge! PDX is passionate about amplifying kindness. Whether we focus on encouraging individuals to embrace the amazing diversity of our community or on offering assistance to neighbors who need our help, we are dedicated to our mission and to those we serve.

Little Libraries

Creating free libraries around Portland to hold books on diversity and inclusion for anyone to borrow and read


5/11/22    Children's Book Bank

One Can Wednesday/ Two Can Tuesday Food Collection

Our One Can Wednesday Food/Two Can Tuesday collection program marks one year anniversary


7/16/21    Hillsdale News

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Amplifying Kindness

An informative article on amplifying kindness in Portland


10/1/19    SW Connection

2018 KBOO Interview Ruthie MW, Jen Z, Sallie C (1) 2.JPG

Focus on the Mission

Positive Charge! PDX founders speak about our mission and our work in the community

11/14/18    KBOO

Ukranian Aid

A collection of essential items being sent to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine


3/26/22    KATU News

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Vaccine Project

Local coverage of one of our most successful projects: Helping seniors and others needing assistance to get their COVID-19 vaccines.​

4/19/21    KOIN

Founder Profile

"Fireside chat" interview with Sallie Cohen on how you can make a difference in your community

1/15/20  Live Kind Today Video

2019 Plarn events (9).jpg

Plarn Sleeping Mats

A look at an unusual project: making waterproof sleeping mats for homeless neighbors​

3/27/19    Oregon Jewish Life

Healthcare Heroes

PC! PDX leads "Healthcare Heroes" project to bring some calm in the chaos to overwhelmed hospital workers


9/30/21    KOIN-TV news

10/8/21    Hillsdale News

10/11/21  KGW-TV news

12/27/21  Oregon Vaccine News

Sallie 2020 Tikkum Olam Award copy.png

Founder Profile

Interview with Sallie Cohen, co-founder of Positive Charge! PDX, for receiving the 2020 Tikkun Olam Award

12/20/20    Oregon Jewish Life

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Cross-Border Kindness

Reporting on our backpack collection for migrant children detained at the border

9/3/19  Oregon Jewish Life

9/5/19  KBOO

Helping Wildlife

Interview about PC! PDX's event that helped Australian wildlife devastated by wildfires​

1/14/20    KGW-TV