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Our Volunteers

The heart of our organization beats with the strength of our amazing volunteers.

Let us connect you to your passion.

In Their Words (part 1)
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Volunteer Driven

Positive Charge! PDX is a 100% volunteer group of dedicated people. From lifting hammers to stuffing lunch sacks to attending board meetings, we link people with opportunities they love. With so much to accomplish in our community, we offer many ways for volunteers to express their particular brand of kindness.

Volunteer Today!

Since 2016, our volunteers have created so many extraordinary events! As we grow, we welcome your participation "behind the scenes" on our exciting committees:

  • Event Planning

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

Our best ideas have come from people like you! We'd love to have your expertise, enthusiasm and experience to help guide Positive Charge! PDX to the next level of service to our community.