Our Volunteers

The heart of our organization beats with the strength of our amazing volunteers.

Volunteer Driven

Positive Charge! PDX is a 100% volunteer group of dedicated people. From lifting hammers to stuffing lunch sacks to attending board meetings, we link people with opportunities they love. With so much to accomplish in our community, we offer many ways for volunteers to express their particular brand of kindness.

Passion to Serve

Sometimes, volunteers attend an event we do with another organization, then jump off to help them over and over again. That’s perfect! All we want is to help you amplify kindness in the community, either through us or through our mission-driven partners.

Huge Hearts

We could write volumes about our wonderful volunteers. They give of themselves so generously, and we hear so often how much they receive from the events they attend. It's a magic cycle that brings neighbor together with neighbor, each helping the other while strengthening the community where we live.

Interested in volunteering? Check out our current and upcoming events and find your passion!