Thank You bags for our hard working, amazing healthcare workers


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be priceless. Whether you're a volunteer at an event or a person exploring what we do, the videos on this page will show you the power of amplifying kindness.

Positive Charge! PDX Overview

Event Videos

2019 Backpacks to the Border

2021 Emergency Heatwave Relief

2020 Cascadia Clusters

2020 Wildfire Emergency Collection

2021 Sack Lunch Event


2021 Volunteer Testimonials (part 1)

2021 Volunteer Testimonials (part 2)

2021 Volunteer Testimonials (part 3)

Mentorship Program Videos

Landing a Job

Owning Your Own Business

Getting Promoted

Finding Your Right Life

Meet Becki Saltzman of Coldstream Wealth Management

Change Your Life with LinkedIn

Fueling Your Critical Thinking Skills

More Videos on Job and Life Skills

Tech Trends Shaping Our Future with Stephen Saltzman

Financial Musts with Kim Rosenberg, CFP and

Managing Principal at Rosenbaum Financial

Sharing Your Gifts with Sonia Marie Leikam, Former Program Officer, Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

Mental Health with Bonnie Berg, LCSW

Your Brain on Anxiety

Coping with Crisis

Water and supplies donated to those experiencing homelessness

Making today better than yesterday, and tomorrow better than today, through intentional acts of kindness.