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Compassion Through Literature 

A multipronged, communitywide project about You, Me, and Us to increase understanding and inclusion among our neighbors by discussing and sharing literature. 


Mission of Compassion Through Literature Libraries

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A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project
A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project

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a group of young co-workers from diverse backgrounds
a group of young co-workers from diverse backgrounds

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A Hispanic couple embracing
A Hispanic couple embracing

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A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project
A couple sitting near a beautiful sand art project

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This is an all-age, family-friendly project, focused on a READ - SHARE - GIFT - BUILD approach to enriching our lives through the magnificent and diverse strengths that make us whole. Our goal is to encourage people to take a walk in someone else's shoes by reading about someone else's life, someone whose day is different from our own, someone who may be a member of their own family or community, but we only know them through our own experiences, assumptions, and lenses.  Our hope is that by offering the public the opportunity to read and share books about themselves and others, we will encourage more sensitivity, understanding, and awareness among one another, giving way to increased tolerance, advocacy, and compassion.  Please take a look at the main Compassion Through Literature page of our website for a description of each of the READ - SHARE - GIFT - BUILD project highlights.


Steward Commitments

The fine print!  No, really, it's fine!  It's OK!  It's all good!  Just a reminder of this super opportunity we have, and the commitments we've made, to make a positive impact in our world. 

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Book Information

Diverse books, gifted from one of our project partner's, the international Little Free Library organization, will be distributed on approximately a monthly basis, depending upon when they are delivered and sometimes centered around events.

Ideas to source supplementary books for your library:

  • Create an account in your library's name and promote it on social media

  • Have book drives with themes

  • Join and request books on local Facebook Buy-Nothing groups

  • Showcase & request books for commemorative months "Black History Month", "Women's History Month", "Pride Month", etc.

  • Find great, inexpensive books at thrift stores, library book sales, garage sales

  • Create an online wish list from a local or national bookstore

Links to Diverse Book lists:

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Diverse book collage young adult.png

Steward & Liaison Information

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Helpful steward information:


Steward - Liaison teams:  Each steward has a Positive Charge! PDX Compassion Through Literature liaison who will be your first point of contact for questions, who will deliver supplies to you, etc. 



Group Communication:  All stewards can also opt-in to participate in a dedicated Steward - Liaison Slack channel for group communication within our Portland-metro CTL network.  If you would like to be added to the S-L Slack channel, please let your Liaison know!

Quarterly Zooms:  Lastly, we look forward to seeing and talking with everyone on quarterly Zoom calls to hear about how your libraries are doing, ideas that have worked for you, and concerns you want to problem-solve with the group.  Stay tuned for dates and links!


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Do you have a question?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions list, ask your Steward Liaison, or send a message to our Compassion mailbox!


Miscellaneous Updates

Holding Books

Friends of Multnomah County Library Fall Book Sale information HERE

Friends of Lake Oswego Library Fall Book Sale information HERE

Newberg Public Library Daily (Tues-Sat) Lobby Book Sale information HERE

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Ideas LARGE and small

Party Balloons

Are you searching for ideas for the Grand Opening of your little library?  Check out these cool ones:

  • Offer sweet treats and drinks to welcome your guests

  • Ask people to serve traditional foods from their traditions and cultures

  • Ask people to share musical instruments and music representative of their tradition or culture

  • Provide one or more people to read 1+ diverse books from your library

  • Schedule or request authors, educators, librarians, community members to share some words about their own life experiences about inclusion and compassion

  • Schedule or request people to participate in a poetry slam-type presentation about diversity, inclusion, and compassion 

  • If you're walking distance to a school, perhaps the school will allow classes to arrange an official "field trip" to your Grand Opening for reading student-authored diverse stories during the day.

CTL Library Family Photos

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04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (2).jpg
04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (9).jpg

Timber Joey Library Celebration at Hayhurst Elementary & Robert Gray Middle Schools –
Wed., May 4, 2022

Timber Joey, Portland Timber's mascot, Michelle Lewis and Charles Hannah of Third Eye Bookstore, the Children's Book Bank, Robert Gray Middle School PTA, and Positive Charge! PDX celebrate the opening of new Compassion Through Literature little libraries that he custom built & painted for the community, focusing on diversity, compassion, and literacy. Thanks to Positive Charge! PDX, these libraries were donated specifically for neighborhoods that feed to Robert Gray Middle School! 

04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (11)_edited.jpg
04May2022 RGMS CTL little library dedications (7).jpg