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Emergency Kindness Collection

Collecting Warm Essentials and Hygiene Products for Those Living on Our Streets

Based on the federal government's limited definition of homelessness, 5,228 people were counted as experiencing homelessness in Portland and Multnomah County in 2022—including 3,057 people without shelter, 1,485 in shelters, and 686 in transitional housing. In Washington County, 808 people were without shelter on a given day not long ago. And it's COLD and WET outside!

Although Positive Charge! PDX cannot solve the homeless crisis, all of us can help people stay warm. That's why we're hosting this collection—and plan to distribute the coats, hats, scarves, and more to our friends who need the winter essentials.

With after-the-holiday sales, you might find you can donate twice as much as you might have earlier in the winter. Join us in making Portland a little warmer!

Not able to get out to buy some socks, underwear, or hygiene items for the collection?   Let your fingers do the giving and order from our Amazon wish list.  When you do this, click the box, "This is a gift," so you can include your name with the order and we know who to thank. Also, choose the "PC! PDX's Gift Registry" address, so your donation is shipped directly to us for distribution throughout Portland. Note: If you order from this wish list, you'll also be giving a gift to PC! PDX because of our affiliation with the Amazon Smile program. Just sayin'!

Two Ways You Can Help . .

  1. Donate to the Collection

  2. Sign Up to Work a Shift at our Collection Tent with us on Sat., Jan. 21

If you're interested in helping us on the day of the collection, here's what to do:

Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

Thank you! Someone from our team will reach out to you soon.

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