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Emergency Kindness Collection
Ukrainian Refugee Relief

Thank you for your help in this time of chaos and torment for the Ukrainian people. Positive Charge! PDX has partnered with the Slavic Evangelical Church in Portland and the Ukrainian Foundation to collect the following items that are being sent on another plane to Poland for Ukrainian refugees.  All items on the list are being monitored and communicated to us, based on their current needs. 

2022 Ukraine Relief collection #2.png


  • All items listed below must be new and unopened

  • Ukraine is in need of all medical supplies, over-the counter and those for first-aid and critical care!  Please take a look at the list below for ideas.

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and understanding! 


  • Diapers for Children and Adults

  • Feminine hygiene products


  • Baby Formula and Baby Food

  • All Over-The-Counter and First-Aid Supplies (If you know of a medical facility that might donate them, perhaps you can reach out, pick up the supplies, and drop them off.)

  • Over-The-Counter: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacids, antidiarrhea, laxatives, alcohol swabs, glucose tablets, lancets, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, antihistamines, cold medicine, eye drops, allergy meds, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide

  • FIRST-AID:  Burn dressing · Gloves · Absorbent gauze dressings · Sterile gauzes · Sterile bandages · Sponges, wipes, bandages for wound compression · Splints · Suturing material · Surgical instruments · Gowns · Syringes · Infusion lines · Spinal tap kits and needles · Nasogastric tubes · Syringes · IV Cannulas · Hydrocolloid wound dressing · 18/16/14G catheters · Bore IV kits · Coban bandage · Cervical collars · Spine immobilization Intraosseous infusion kits or needles · IV infusion kits · 3.25 inch catheters · Colostomy bags · Urinary catheters · Supraglottic airway · Nasopharyngeal airway · Surgical lubricants

  • DRESSINGS: · Hemostatic gauze · Hydrogel · Occlusive dressing and bandages · Vacuum-assisted closure wound granulofoam · Tourniquets (CAT Gen 6 or 7, SOFT, SAM; NAR BOA IV)

  • SURGICAL: · Surgical Sutures · Staples · Surgical Cautery​


  • ORTHOPOEDICS · Splints · Trauma sheers · Stretches


  • RESPIRATORY: · Nasopharyngeal airway · AMBU · Endotracheal tubes · Needle Decompression Kits

  • TACTICAL: Tactical backpacks · Tactical plate carriers · Tactical vests (load carriers/unloading) · Tactical gloves · Tactical glasses/goggles · Kevlar helmets · Body armor · Epi-pen · Combat hemostatic gauze · Hemostat - Celox, Hemcon · Tourniquets CAT · First aid trauma kits · Asherman chest seal · Bolin chest seal · Occlusive dressings · Halo chest seal · Emergency cricothyrotomy kit · Supraglottic airway · Nasopharyngeal airway · Splints (SAM splints) · Cervical collars · Spine immobilization · Coban bandage · Intraosseous infusion kits or needles · 3.25 inch needles · Blizzard survival blankets


  • MISC. EQUIPMENT: Syringe pumps · VAC systems · Electrocoagulation systems · IV infusion systems · External fixation devices · Cervical collars · Spinal fixation and immobilization · Ventilators for artificial ventilation · Ambu bags · Automated Ambu bags · Cricothyrotomy kits

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