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Decorated Cookies

Annual Holiday Cookie Project

Join Positive Charge! PDX as we host our annual Holiday Cookie event! This year, we'll be delivering your cookies and greetings to neighbors in New Narrative housing in the Portland Metro area. This  nonprofit facilitates housing and programming for people seeking mental wellness who often don’t have family support at the holidays. Let's make their day!

A Positive Charge! PDX event in collaboration with

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How does it work?

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Bake Cookies at Home

Bake and decorate 2-3 dozen or more of your favorite holiday cookies. Drop off your cookies on the day of the big event or stay for more fun. Your call!


Assemble Cookie Trays & Decorate Cards

Sat., December 23

1 - 3 pm

Windermere Realty Trust

MLK Office Conference Rm.

2045 NE MLK Blvd.

Bring your cookies at 1:00 pm on this day to this location. Then stay to assemble a variety of cookies onto plates and to wrap and decorate them for delivery. Or have fun making handmade holiday cards to accompany the cookie plates. Ages 6+ are welcome!


Deliver the Cookies with

Caring, Kindness &

Holiday Spirit!

Immediately after the Assembling Event

Please take the time to deliver some of the cookies to various New Narrative apartment buildings where onsite staff will greet you. You'll choose 2-3 locations where you'll be driving and dropping off the cookie platters. We hope to deliver to 30 locations serving 250 people, so your help will be greatly appreciated!

Past Holiday Cookie Events


Are there any restrictions on the cookies?

Make YOUR  favorite recipes, but please label your cookies if they are gluten free, vegan, and/or contain nuts or the like. This way, we can assemble some diet-specific cookie platters.


Do I need to bring a container?

It's best to deliver your cookies in boxes or on paper plates that you don't need to have returned. This will facilitate assembling. But you don't need to bring plastic containers or anything else like that. PC! PDX will take care of the standardized delivery plates as well as cellophane and ribbon for packaging and decorating.


Do I need to bring cookies to attend the event? 

Nope! Feel free to come and enjoy the festivities of assembling, wrapping, and card making! 

Do I have to deliver platters if I attend the event? 

No, but you're welcome to do so and get an additional "positive charge" by delivering cheer to neighbors who are without family during the holidays.

Is there anything else I should bring to the event?

It's not necessary, but if you'd like to bring and donate ribbon and card-making supplies, that would be lovely. 

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