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Help Plan Our Next Two Events

Join us in the fun of creating two exciting projects that'll make a difference in the lives of our Portland neighbors! 

Tues., June 

Southwest Community Center

6820 SW 45th Ave.
(plenty of parking; accessible via TriMet)

A group of frontline healthcare workers at the Vancouver Clinic Group who have received Thank You bags from Postive Charge PDX.jpg

Intentional acts of kindness. These are the foundation of Positive Charge! PDX. Through our volunteers and events, we transform hopes and wishes into meaningful, impactful action that strengthens our community.


In these unprecedented times we're living in, we know that the need is great. With the current challenges of  houselessness, food insecurity, and stereotyping, there are so many people who can benefit from our passion to serve. Our goal at Positive Charge! PDX is to create events that meet our community's needs, while providing a wonderful volunteer experience. That's where we need you!

As we look to 2024's event calendar, our Event Planning team members are holding our Annual Event Planning Meeting, and we invite you to plan with us! We will discuss all the great ideas everyone would like to see in the new year, including how we can create the action behind those wishes.


No RSVP or sign up is necessary.

Just show up at the meeting with your passion and ideas!!

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