• Sep 04, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
    Safeway, 8145 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR 97219, USA
    Do you have at least one first Saturday morning of the month free to do a good deed--delivering items from Barbur Blvd. Safeway to Urban Gleaners on the Eastside of Portland? We need you!

sample flyer

Want to do something RIGHT NOW to help alleviate the hunger crisis in YOUR COMMUNITY? Follow our lead . . . and organize a “One Can Wednesdays,” a “Two Cans Tuesdays,” or . . . whatever day you choose!


Kept from offering in-person volunteer events because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Positive Charge! PDX finds ways to fulfill our mission of "doing good deeds" and "building community." This opportunity is an easy, family-friendly, "just-add-water" project you can implement in your neighborhood. TODAY.

One food item delivered to a food pantry each week is one more than the previous week. Multiply that by all your neighbors who are happy to do this every week. You are now AMPLIFYING KINDNESS. Sweeten the delivery to the pantry with HANDMADE CARDS you make with your family and friends that the pantry will deliver with their food boxes.


You've got this! 💖


Choose the food pantry to benefit from your collection and identify the days/hours the pantry accepts donations. 

Choose the date-range for your collection and your pick-up day. We recommend garbage/recycling day; everyone will already be walking to the curb with their bins. Or, perhaps you'll want to set out collection bins/boxes in.a park, a neighborhood store, or X.


Assemble a team to pick up and deliver the food weekly. Having a kick-off event in your neighborhood park is a good way to get volunteers—and meet your neighbors.

4 Get your volunteers to sign a waiver, to ensure everyone acknowledges their efforts are completely voluntary. Here's our waiver for One Can Wednesday/Two Can Tuesday.


 5 Establish an easy tracking system to capture everyone's availability, coverage areas, and drop-off pounds. We use a Google spreadsheet that's accessible to everyone in the group.

6 If you decide to collect food items on garbage/

recycling day, alert your garbage service that people will be leaving cans, boxes, or bags of food at the curb on the morning of garbage collection—and to leave them for the food pick-up volunteer. Your local garbage company may want to co-sponsor your collection.

Make and post flyers in your neighborhood and promote the collection in your neighborhood newspaper, on your neighborhood NextDoor, and more. Feel free to use our sample flyer as a template.

THIS GOOD DEED truly is as easy as

1 -2- 3 . . . A-B-C!

YOU are the critical ingredient for this good-deed recipe.