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Want to do something RIGHT NOW to help alleviate the hunger crisis in YOUR COMMUNITY? Follow our lead . . . and organize a “One Can Wednesdays,” a “Two Cans Tuesdays,” or . . . whatever day you choose!


Kept from offering in-person volunteer events because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Positive Charge! PDX finds ways to fulfill our mission of "doing good deeds" and "building community." This opportunity is an easy, family-friendly, "just-add-water" project you can implement in your neighborhood. TODAY.

One food item delivered to a food pantry each week is one more than the previous week. Multiply that by all your neighbors who are happy to do this every week. You are now AMPLIFYING KINDNESS. Sweeten the delivery to the pantry with HANDMADE CARDS you make with your family and friends that the pantry will deliver with their food boxes.


You've got this! 💖


Choose the food pantry to benefit from your collection and identify the days/hours the pantry accepts donations. Our Bridlemile neighborhood is collecting cans for the Neighborhood House. 

Choose a date-range for your collection and your pick-up day. We tied the Bridlemile neighborhood summer collection to garbage/recycling day, figuring everyone was already walking out to the curb with their garbage/ recycling cans; they'd easily remember adding a can for "Montmore Monday" or "One Can Wednesday."

Assemble a team to pick-up and deliver the food weekly. Having a kick-off event in your neighborhood park is a good way to get volunteers—and meet your neighbors. You can easily track everyone's availability and coverage areas on a Google spreadsheet that's accessible to everyone in the group.

Alert your garbage service that people will be leaving cans, boxes, or bags of food at the curb on the morning of garbage collection—and to leave them for the food pick-up volunteer. Your local garbage company may want to co-sponsor your collection.

Make and post flyers in your neighborhood and promote the collection in your neighborhood newspaper, on your neighborhood NextDoor, and more. Feel free to use our flyer (above) as a template!

Safeway to Urban Gleaners Delivery
Sat, Oct 03
Oct 03, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Safeway, 8145 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR 97219, USA
Do you have at least one first Saturday morning of the month free to do a good deed--delivering items from Barbur Blvd. Safeway to Urban Gleaners on the Eastside of Portland? We need you!
Spread Loving Kindness through Bookmarks and Placemats
Time is TBD
Windermere Realty Trust
Time is TBD
Windermere Realty Trust, 6443 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Suite #100, Portland, OR 97221, USA
Postponed for now because of Covid-19. Once stay-at-home orders are lifted and it's safe for us to be together, we'll update the info and reopen the registration. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Make Protective Masks for Portland Medical Needs

Positive Charge! PDX

has had such a great group of sewers show up to make lap pads and neck wraps for victims of sex trafficking, and then to make joey bags for furry victims of the Australian bushfires, and then to sew catnip toys and dog beds for area animal organizations. Now we need to step up and 


for our sick family members, friends, and neighbors as well as our overwhelmed and underprotected medical community!

Because there's already a great group in Portland managing the information (that changes daily) about the specific local needs for this cause, we're not going to recreate the wheel. Instead, we direct you to the

Facebook page for

Crafters Against Covid-19 PDX

where you'll find a great overview video, a mask pattern, an FAQ sheet, and drop-off locations. We're not including details here, because the info changes quickly. Stay informed through the above FB page!

Got some time? Lend a helping hand!

Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Orders Got You Decluttering?

Save some items for Community Warehouse!

Positive Charge! PDX  had planned a cool collection of pots and pans for our neighbors in need served by the wonderful folks at Community Warehouse. Due to the threat of Covid-19, Community Warehouse was closed and unable to accept donations until they reopened.


Ever making lemonade out of lemons, PC! PDX is rolling with the changes! So, our clever 4/20 Pot Collection is postponed until next year. In the meantime, WHILE YOU'RE SHELTERING IN PLACE AND DOING SOME DECLUTTERING, we ask that you:


Clean and set aside the following

much-needed items to donate

 when CW reopens:

Pots & pans, dishes, silverware, glasses

Towels, sheets, blankets

New pillows

Air mattresses​​​


&/or Sponsor a Home 2 Go Essential Item Kit

for a family in need.​

For inspiration about the good work of Community Warehouse, click here.


We had to postpone a bunch of events because of the novel coronavirus threat. . . .


But, hey, there's no stopping this group on a mission to brighten the world! In its place, we invite you, ON YOUR OWN, to create and deliver:

Handmade THANK YOU cards

to thank our FANTABULOUS

healthcare, grocery, USPS, UPS, FedEx, pharmacy, bank, gas station

employees for working hard and risking their health to make our lives easier!  







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