Making a Positive Impact in Our Community


We are inundated by news of hate and intolerance in our newsfeeds, on the radio, and on TV on a daily basis. How can we deal with all this bad stuff without feeling helpless, depressed, and outraged?


In 2016, a diverse of Portlanders brainstormed ways to create positive actions, connections, education, respect, and news in our community. The result was Positive Charge! PDX, a non-political, non-religious volunteer group open to everyone and dedicated to doing good deeds, sharing good news, and building community. In 2019, we became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Oregon.


Our volunteer activities are wide-ranging. With our efforts, we aim to address a variety of issues and populations including seniors, hospitalized kids, the unhoused, foster kids, abused women, and more. Where we see a need, we try to fill it. Often this is by amplifying the efforts of other nonprofits. Sometimes we do our own thing. 


Our diverse volunteer opportunities range from simple decorating of placemats for Meals on Wheels seniors . . . to organizing food drives . . . to intricate and time-consuming sewing of lap pads for survivors of child sex trafficking. This way, we provide impactful, feel-good opportunities for people of all abilities and interests.

Our founders are Sallie Pearlman Cohen, Ruthie Matinko-Wald, and Jennifer Zeidman.


Our 2021 Board of Directors includes: Steven Kaufman, Chair; Bonnie Berg, Jan Berne, Jon Cohen, Sallie Cohen, Karen Fairfield, Ruthie Matinko-Wald, Abby Menashe, and Lynne Pauleen. 

Every time we meet, every activity we engage in, gives each of us a "positive charge." Our grand vision is that others will follow our example of ACTING LOCALLY TO AMPLIFY LOVING KINDNESS ON A COLLECTIVE SCALE. 

We look forward to meeting you! 


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